The web is the focus of my service package because it has become ubiquitous in modern life. Every business has, or should have, a website of some sort. For many businesses, the web is the primary way of marketing themselves and finding new customers. And the world wide web has become a vehicle for complex digital applications like Instagram, YouTube, [ ], and more - robust, fully featured applications that run entirely in a browser. If you need a simple static or WordPress website with a few pages of content and photos, I’m glad to help with that. If you need a bigger website with more complex content management and some custom programming, or even a full-fledged custom application built to your specifications, I’m also glad to help with that. Have questions about that new cloud deployment and how to make the best use of the cloud tools? I’ve got your back. Need analytics and SEO? That’s in the toolkit, too.

In a world of specialists, I embrace being a generalist. I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again, and I enjoy new and challenging projects. If you need something related to your website or a web application, it’s almost certainly something I can help you with. If you have questions, email guy@systemscienceguy.com.


Cloud services have taken the IT world by storm. Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and dozens of other cloud platforms have transformed the way applications are built and deployed.

There are undeniable advantages to using these platforms:

  • Ease of setup - no longer do you have to purchase and configure servers and bandwith to deploy applications. Cloud platforms provide infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), so you can start building and deploying applications quickly, saving on up-front costs.

  • Write once, deploy anywhere with containerization and other app deployment tools.

But with the IaaS model come other important considerations:

  • Recurring costs - though cloud platforms allow you to save on up front investment, the ongoing costs of compute, storage, and other services can be significant, and difficult to predict before deployment.

  • A sea of options. The cloud providers have dramatically expanded their range of available services in recent years. Application engines, serverless, multi-cloud, and other cloud services give businesses more options than ever before, but that amount of choice can be downright overwhelming. A business looking to deploy a web application has to choose a platform or combination of them, which combination of services to utilize, whether to make use of third-party services which provide administrative tools and application infrastucture, and on and on. The best approach to your deployment is usually not obvious, but those choices can be hugely significant. Getting the deployment wrong means your developers will be unhappy, your costs will balloon, and your application might not perform like it should. I can help you navigate this maze of service options to identify the best application architecture and operational deployment configuration, to make the process go smoothly and make sure your application is always available.